The International Institute for Software Testing, The Leader of Education-Based Software Testing Certifications Launches New Software Test Automation Certifications

The International Institute for Software Testing, the leader in software testing certifications, has just launched an advanced Software Test Automation certification, thus bringing the total number of education-based testing certifications issued by IIST to ten.

The IIST Advisory Board has just approved The Certified Software Test Automation Architect (CSTAA). This is the second software test automation certification issued by the IIST. The first test automation certification, Certified Software Test Automation Specialist (CSTAS), was approved by the IIST Advisory Board in 2005. "The evolution of the field of test automation over the last ten years required us to restructure the existing Certified Software Test Automation Specialist certification (CSTAS) and to introduce a new advanced certification that focuses mainly on test automation architectures, strategies, and frameworks", says Dr. Magdy Hanna, IIST Chairman and CEO. "The software community seems to value our Education-based approach to certifications as opposed to exam-based approaches adopted by other certification bodies", adds Dr. Hanna.

IIST has adopted the education-based approach to professional certifications since it was founded in 1999. According to this approach, a person must complete a course of study that covers a Body of Knowledge of the specific certification as approved by the IIST Advisory Board. "Education is the only way to establish and advance a profession. One should not expect to have a career in any profession without receiving the proper education to be able to perform the responsibilities of the profession", says Dr. Hanna.

In addition to the approval of the new certification in test automation, the IIST Advisory Board is currently working on finalizing its next certification in test management, The Certified Test Lead.

As of today, IIST has the following educational-based testing certifications:

  • Certified Software Test Professional (CSTP) - Three Levels
  • Certified Agile Software Test Professional (CASTP) - Two Levels
  • Certified Mobile Software Test Professional (CMSTP)
  • Certified Test Manager (CTM)
  • Certified Software Test Automation Specialist (CSTAS)
  • Certified Software Test Automation Architect (CSTAA)
  • Certified Software Quality Manager (CSQM)

The International Institute for Software Testing (IIST) is an educational and professional development organization in the field of software testing, software quality assurance and software testing certifications. IIST is the largest provider of software testing training in the world. IIST was founded 1999 to advance the software testing and quality assurance professions by promoting and recognizing professionalism through education-based software testing certifications, and software testing conferences. IIST is led by it Chairman and CEO, Dr. Magdy Hanna under the guidance of the IIST Advisory Board. To contact IIST, send an email to info(at)iist(dot)org.

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